How We Can Help

Counseling and Testing

Individual counseling, combined with occupational and personality testing, provides a solid basis of self-knowledge for pursuing career and life goals. Each client must clearly understand where they are right now, how and why they got to this point, where they want to go next, and how to make that next move. Access to career and educational information is important in this process, whether in print or from on-line sources.

Coaching to Develop Talents

Whether still in school or in mid-career, you can strategically pursue experiences and activities that will best develop your skills and talents for the future. Leadership roles, travel, hobbies, internships, and community activities can hone skills and develop career abilities.

Job Search Coaching

We assist clients with preparation for the job search and provide coaching through it, including help with resume writing, interview preparation, and negotiating a job offer. Thoughtful strategy and planning should be behind the decisions for every job choice and career move.