Your Situation

Your situation is unique. Every individual varies as to personality, abilities, values, and priorities. We all have preferences that we pursue in different ways, particularly related to our life goals and careers. Your career choices express a great deal about yourself and have lasting impact on the sense of direction, meaning and balance. You may reach a point where you are not quite sure what to do or how to do it. Plans may not work out the way you had hoped. It can be helpful to carefully review your current situation and determine where you should be headed. P.J. Lennahan & Associates can help you to do just that.


Our Clients Include:

  • High school students planning for college
  • College students seeking internships and new graduates seeking jobs
  • Early-career and mid-career professionals considering job/career changes
  • Workers planning for advancement or promotion
  • Military personnel planning for separation
  • People re-entering the workforce after an absence
  • Workers displaced by layoffs or restructuring
  • Relocated employees and/or their spouses
  • Workers pursuing a compatible work/life balance
  • People "downshifting" to prepare for retirement